Click on any of the part numbers below to view the products individual datasheet, if you have any questions or queries then please contact us and one of Affinity’s team members will be happy to help.


Candle LED Lamp

LED0005 3.5w E14
LED0007 3.8w E14
LED0013 6.5w E14
LED0014 6.5w B22
LED0016 6.5w B22

AFFCAN101 5w E14
AFFCAN102 5w B22
AFFCAN103 5w E14
AFFCAN104 5w B22
AFFCAN105 5w E14
AFFCAN106 5w E27
AFFCAN201 5w E14
AFFCAN202 5w E27

Globe LED Lamp

LED0018 3.8w Mini E14
LED0022 6.5w Mini E14
LED0023 6.5w Mini B22
LED0024 6.3w GLS B22
LED0026 9w GLS B22
LED1029 8.5w GLS E27

AFFMG101 5w Mini B22
AFFMG102 5w Mini E14
AFFMG201 5w Mini E14
AFFMG202 5w Mini E27
AFFGLS102 6w GLS E27
AFFGLS103 9w GLS B22
AFFGLS104 15w GLS E27
AFFGLS105 15w GLS B22
AFFGLS106 9w GLS E27
AFFGLS107 9w GLS B22
AFFGLS108 15w GLS E27
AFFGLS109 15w GLS B22
AFFGLS201 15w GLS E27

Spotlight LED Lamp

LED0001 5w PAR16 GU10
LED0002 6.5w PAR16 GU10
LED0055 4.8w MR16 GU10
LED1003 5.7w PAR16 GU10
LED1004 6.3w PAR16 GU10

AFFGU10101 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10102 7w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10103 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10201 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10202 7w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10301 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10302 7w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10303 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10401 5w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10402 7w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10501 7w PAR16 GU10
AFFGU10502 7w PAR16 GU10

Panel LED Lighting

LED0033 40w Panel

Filament LED Lamp

LED0042 4.2w GLS B22
LED0043 4.2w GLS E27
LED0044 4.4w GLS E27
LED0051 2.4w Candle E14

AFFFIL100 4w GLS B22
AFFFIL101 4w GLS E27
AFFFIL102 7w GLS E27
AFFFIL103 7w GLS B22
AFFFIL104 7w GLS E27
AFFFIL200 4w GLS E14
AFFFIL201 4.2w GLS E14

G9 & G4 LED Lamp

LED0038 1.5w G9
LED0039 2.4w G9
LED0040 1w G4
LED0041 2.4w G4

Reflector & PAR LED Lamp

LED0031 6w R50 E14
LED0032 9.5w R63 E27

AFFREF101 17w PAR38 E27
AFFREF102 6w R50 E14
AFFREF103 8w R63 E27
AFFREF104 10w R80 E27

Mini / High Bay LED Lamp

AFFUFO100 40w Mini Bay
AFFUFO105 60w Mini Bay
AFFUFO110 80w Mini Bay
AFFUFO200 100w High Bay
AFFUFO205 160w High Bay
AFFUFO210 200w High Bay
AFFUFO215 230w High Bay

Downlight LED Lamp

AFFRD101 5w
AFFRD102 8w
AFFRD201 10w

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